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Buying and Flying Model Helicopters

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There's never been a better time to get into model helicopters! Only a few years ago the costs of buying and running an RC helicopter were prohibitive. Before the recent development of electric helis your only option would be to buy a large size nitro powered chopper, plus starter motor, fuel, plugs, tools and accesories to get it off the ground. Maintenance was difficult and time consuming and, in the event of a crash, spares would be expensive and difficult to get hold of. In addition the noise generated from these machines would limit the places they could be operated - making it often difficult and time consuming to learn even the basics of flying.

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The Electric Revolution

The latest battery technology has made electric flying possible in terms of flying time. Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries provide the high current necessary for high performance aerobatics while still remaining very lightweight. Flight times are typically between 4-12 minutes depending on the flying mode and cell capacity.The quietness of electric operation has made it possible to fly close to residential areas and in places such where there are strict noise restrictions.

Buzz Fly

The smallest radio-controlled production model helicopter is the Buzz Fly. It is available in a number of different forms, from the co-axial for beginners to the high performance 3D model. The size of the fixed pitch models makes them ideal for indoor use.

In recent years larger RC helicopters have been able to utilise battery packs of 22 volts and higher to enable powerful 3D performance.

gaui hurricane 550

Model Helicopter Design

Most models in the beginner range are constructed of plastic, glass-fibre or carbon fibre, the basic 'pod and boom' layout remains most popular. Main blades are typically made of wood or carbon fibre. Models in this category are typically purchased in RTF (ready-to-fly) form with radio control and motor already installed. In most cases the buyer has only to read the manual, charge and fit the battery before they can get flying. The simplicity of the design - a result of the requirement to minimise weight also makes the helicopter safe to fly. This property also makes them easy to repair and maintain.

As a first helicopter its hard to beat the ESky Honey Bee. It's fixed pitch rotorhead making it inherantly stable and easily controllable in the air. Attaching the training kit to the skids will give even more stability and confidence to your early flights.

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